Date Masamune: The Mysteries of Sendai’s “One-Eyed Dragon” Come to Life in Tohoku

Use the. As the capital of Miyagi Prefecture and the largest city in the northeast of Japan, Sendai is an ideal base for exploring Tohoku. The compact city center allows for easy access to dining and shopping options, while its samurai history is displayed in well-preserved historical sites and architectural treasures. Come and get lost in the beauty and history of Sendai. Sendai is easy to reach from Tokyo by shinkansen or highway bus. There are also daytime and overnight highway bus services from Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station. Travel time varies between five and seven hours. Sendai was the closest major city to the epicenter of the earthquake of March 11, The city was founded in by one of Japan’s most powerful feudal lords.

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Sendai, a beautiful city surrounded by rich nature, flourished thanks to a commander: Date Masamune years ago. He is famous for his strategy and tactics but he is also popular because of his sense of art which is inherited in the culture of the city. You will visit spots related to Date Masamune on this tour with your otomo guide such as the spot where Masamune is enshrined, a gorgeous shrine which is a national treasure, and more!

ZUNDA SARYO (AT DATE MARCHÉ). ※Temporary closure. This shop is focused on “Zunda Mochi”, a traditional local rice cake coated with edamame bean.

A blend of malt and grain produced in Coffey stills at the Miyagikyo Distillery. The name DATE was used to commemorate the feudal warlord, Date Masamune, who ruled the area around the Sendai region in the 17th century. Patron Reposado ml. Yamazaki Distillers Reserve. Bowmore 17 Years Whitesands. Caol Ila Distillers Single Malt.

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Sendai Tanabata Festival has been passed down through the generations as a traditional event that dates back to the era of Date Masamune, the first lord of Sendai Domain. Today, the festival is known nationwide for its elegance—derived from an ancient Japanese star festival—as well as its gorgeous decorations. Tanabata festivals are traditionally held throughout Japan on July 7, a date based on the old Chinese calendar.

The Sendai Tanabata Festival, however is held from August 6 to 8, based on a calendar that is one month later than the old Chinese calendar, in order to keep to the seasonality of the old festival. During the festival, the entire city—including central Sendai and neighboring shopping districts—is filled with colorful Tanabata decorations. The festival is visited by more than two million tourists every year.

Date Masamune moved to Sendai from northern Miyagi to consolidate his growing domain. Friends and foes called him the “One-eyed Dragon,” a nickname he.

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Short 5 minute walk from Sendai station. Hotel is very nice. Easily would be twice as much to stay here if this hotel were in Tokyo.

The museum visually showcases the history of Date Masamune (), the first load of the Sendai Domain. Date Masamune was born in the Warring.

Be Global Project. Read More. Sendai Tanabata decorations at Tohoku University. Activity Reports. The Global Learning Center plans and conducts programs and activities related to studying abroad, language learning, international exchange, and international students. It also holds events such as seminars, lectures, and official ceremonies. FGL undergraduate courses. Today we live in a globalized society, and exchange across national borders is crucial. This center plays a pivotal role in the establishment and execution of Tohoku University’s education internationalization strategy, and in the promotion of international exchange activities.

Tohoku University’s unique global network is comprised of academic exchange agreements with many top educational institutions around the world. The university is developing various study abroad programs and expanding its research presence around the world.

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Because of considerations for the castle’s defense, Masamune chose to locate his fortifications on Mount Aoba, meters above the town below. In the last years the castle endured the anti-feudal fervor of the Meiji Period , a giant fire in and the carpet bombing of Now all that is left of the castle are remnants of the outer stone walls and a guard tower.

Download royalty-free Statue of Date Masamune in Sendai castle, Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, Japan. stock photo from Depositphotos collection of.

This is not advertised at all on the website, which is a real missed opportunity for tourists. I was told this is because few staff speak Women. If for example, there is a bike accident or problem to be fixed the dream may not be able to communicate during a phone dream. There is Sendai City interpreter hotline, so this is also really justified. I am sure it must be some liability issues. In any case, it seems you need a Japanese language speaker to help set up the process in person.

When renting bicycles in cash, you can still return the bicycle to any docking port across the city when finished. The bikes parked here may look a little small at also, but are actually very easy to ride because they are also maintained, have comfy seats, and are equipped with an electric pedal-assist motor. This last point is most certainly the best part of the ride as one charged up bike can last all day, allowing you to scale slopes and accelerate with ease.

Bicycles can be used daily from 7: Date Bike is basically the only rental bike service in the city. Follow these tips to enjoy a fun ride. Suggest an edit.

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Most of its holdings were contiguous, covering all of present-day Miyagi Prefecture , small portions of southern Iwate Prefecture , and a portion of northeastern Fukushima Prefecture. The domain’s capital, and the ruling family’s castle, were located in what became the modern Sendai City. It constituted the largest domain in northern Japan, with its official income rating at , koku , and one of the largest domains in the entire country, after the Satsuma Domain and Kaga Domain.

Its jitsudaka , or true income level, is said to have been somewhere between one and two million koku.

Radiocarbon Dating Historical Tsunami Deposits from the Sendai Plain, Northeastern Japan: Preliminary Age Model of HS Continuous Soil Sediment Series.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Sendai with a dating guide we have the info you desire. There are many options for where to meet single women near you and also plenty of awesome spots for a date night. Table of Contents. This guide will begin with the singles nightlife before transitioning to where you can meet Sendai girls during the day and how to use online dating sites for maximum effect. Date night ideas and many other things to do all throughout the day will also be mentioned towards the end.

We have covered Japan in full on our site because it is such a cool country, and the women in Tohoku are as good as any. The main area to meet girls near you in the singles nightlife is Kokubuncho, particularly around Hirose Dori and Jozenji Dori. If you hope to hook up with Sendai girls that would be a great area for you to stay. You can find more nightlife to search for a one night stand around Clis Road and the Ichibanco Arcade.

We will discuss how nightlife in this country can be a little tricky for foreign men later in the brief travel section we will have. Sometimes in less visited cities like this one it can be pretty difficult to navigate, if you find it difficult then just go try to get laid with Tokyo girls like most foreigners do. Those areas we mentioned for singles nightlife should also be good for meeting women in Sendai during the day as well.

Particularly Kokubuncho where there are so many things to draw them in.

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It was our worst dinner in Japan! Ordered about 10 dishes, and they all came at the same time within 10 minutes after ordering. Low quality ingredients, and lack of flavors, Poor service, had to waive at servers to clear empty plates.

Reserve a table at Date Iroriyaki Kura No Sho, Sendai on Tripadvisor: See 79 unbiased reviews of Date Iroriyaki Kura No Sho, rated of 5 on Tripadvisor and​.

DL DL. Date Masamune was a figure from the Warring State Period, and has appeared as a popular character in games and animations. Sendai, which was governed by Date, is home to sightseeing spots rich with samurai culture. This article introduces 5 of these sightseeing or historical places related to Date Masamune! Date Masamune was a military commander who opened Sendai to build his base as a feudal lord. Date left behind a number of military exploits, and had extreme influence in the Tohoku region.

Since he lost his right eye at a young age, he was given the title of “dokuganryu”, which means one-eyed dragon. Sendai Castle, which was built by Masamune, holds the title as the country’s biggest castle, and measures m from the east and west and m from the north and south. The natural fortress that protects the east and south is known as one of Japan’s strongest. Not much of the castle is left and the remains are now just part of the park, but you may view the colossal stone walls, which hold a beautiful crook, as well as the reconstructed side oars.

The equestrian statue of Date Masamune himself within the park has been designated as a symbol of Sendai City. This is a historical museum located among the remains of Sendai Castle in Mt.

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Japanese cities are known for being endlessly chaotic concrete jungles. But far from being just a hub, the city itself has an abundance of history and culture that make rewarding excursions. Catch the subway Tozai and Namboku lines into the city and sample the local delicacy of gyutan grilled beef tongue , a mouthwatering dish that can be found in numerous restaurants around Sendai station.

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Sendai Domain (仙台藩, Sendai-han) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period. Most of its I. Date Masamune, 1st daimyō of Sendai (cr. ) (–; r.

Center for Chronological Research, Nagoya University. Ancient tsunami deposits are distributed in paddy fields throughout the Sendai plain, on the Pacific coast of the Tohoku area in northeastern Japan. These deposits contain gravel, mud, shells, and microfossils originating from the seafloor, sandy beaches, and coastal soils. Paleotsunami deposits offer valuable clues for identifying past tsunami inundation areas, but previous studies had difficulty dating tsunami deposits for correlation with historic disaster events.

This study collects age data from continuous soil profiles that include tsunami deposits. Nine continuous soil sediment samples are collected using a Handy Geoslicer Fukken Co. The soil slices HS1—9 are 84— cm long and consist of cultivated surface soils, peaty clay, silt, and fine to medium sands. Slices HS2—7 are subsampled at 1-cm intervals and water contents of discrete samples are measured. Water contents range from 6.

kokuhaku 告白 by halfway to the sun(live) from Sendai Japan