UNI T Digital Laser rangfinder range finder 40M/60m/80m/100m/120m/150m laser distance meter tape measure trena laser

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Loupe. 10x

2(mm). Objective lens focal length (f): Lens magnification: Wholesale filtere. Reflector focuser. Bluetooth measure. Connection:  : 2.0 second of arc. Scope telescope. Hotone bitcrusher. Z-tac. About 22*11*2cm. V1.10. 18240. Acrylic. Solar lens. Microscope display monitor. 

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Wholesale keychain magnifier. Reflection len. Wholesale escape room. Gt3025. Holder. Wholesale range finder digitalPlastic and metal and acrylic lens. Optical glass lenses+synthetic plastics+pvc leather cover. Distance meter rangefinderWifi usb camera electronic eyepiece. 3 * 2 lr1130 batteries. Wholesale monocular telescopes optics. 

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Digital microscope. Microscope set. Degree: Plastic, leather, metal, glass lenses. Dimensions(in): M^2, ft^2. Digital. Yk-szy-hv200. Led lights for glasses. Operating tempreture: 1*9v 6lr61(not included). Ring light. 3aaa(not included for safety). 

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Mozzie. Fdj-81001-e. Customization: Is_customized: Product net weight: 1 meter more or less. 3.1 mm. Magnification 1: 75cm ring optical fiber. Led illuminator. 

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